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Omegamed® Pregna <br>dla matek karmiących, <br>czyste DHA, <br>30 lub 60 kapsułek

For breastfeeding mother in order to:

  • reduce the child’s risk of infection, allergy and asthma,
  • support proper development of the child, in particular brain and vision.

What is unique in the Omegamed® Pregna:

• appropriate DHA content, essential component for the proper development of the child. DHA is very important component of the breast milk. Scientific studies have shown that breast milk in Poland contains small quantities of DHA. This is caused by improper diet among breastfeeding mothers (low intake of foods rich in DHA). Therefore, a group of experts made a recommendations, according to which every breastfeeding mother should supplement their diet with DHA in order to enrich their breast milk by this valuable component and thereby give it to their child.

Intake of Omegamed® Pregna  by breastfeeding mother increases the amount of DHA in her milk. This reduces the risk of child’s infection, allergy and asthma even by more than 70%*.

• Unique form of DHA from algae (Life’s DHA®), which makes the product well tolerated.

• Partner of Human Milk Bank Foundation
Omegamed Pregna® supports breastfeeding and Human Milk Bank Foundation.

*UWAGA! Effects should not be generalized to other formulations of similar composition. The study was conducted on Life’s DHA® contained in Omegamed.
*Birch E.E. et al., Journal of Pediatrics, 2010.


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Dodatkowe informacje

Recommended daily dose:
1-2 capsules daily
Depending on the individual needs doctor may prescribe a different portion of daily intake.

Directions for use:
The capsules should be swallowed with a glass of water

DHA (250 mg in 1 capsule)

Ingredients: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) from algae (Life’s DHA®); high oleic sunflower oil; emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; antioxidant: mixture of tocopherols, L -ascorbyl palmitate, colorant: iron oxide; humectant: glycerol; gelatin.

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