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Promensil® Forte</br>dla kobiet w okresie menopauzy, </br>80 mg aktywnych izoflawonoidów, </br>30 tabletek

What is the Promensil®?

Promensil® is safe and natural dproduct for woman with the symptoms of menopause. Contains plant estrogens (isoflavonoids) from red clover which alleviate the symptoms of menopause and have positive impact on woman health.

Promensil® helps woman around the word from 15 years.

For whom Promensil® is intended®?

Promensil® is the best choice for modern women during the menopause who wish to enjoy the life without risk of side effect and maintain vitality.

Promensil® reduces bothersome symptoms to enjoy life to the fullest

How does Promensil® work?

Promensil® contains phytoestrogens (isovlavones) from the red clover which work in similar way as female sex hormones. Promensil® regulate homeostasis of hormones in the body, what cause:

1. Reduces the troublesome symptoms of menopause

Research show that administration of Promensil® which contains isoflavonoids alleviates the symptoms characteristic for menopause:

  • reduces frequency and nuisance of hot flushes by 73%1
  • reduces sweating and night sweat frequency by 72%1
  • reduces nervousness and helps to stay calm2
  • benefficial effects on vaginal epithelium3 and improves quality of sexual life

2. Benefits for women health

Bioactive isoflavonoids can counteract the negative changes cause by depletion of estrogens. Because of this Promensil® helps to:

  • maintain normal bone structure4
  • maintain normal cholesterol level5
  • it’s beneficial for function of cardiovascular system5

3. It is safety and does not cause side effect

Promensil® contains bioactive isoflavonoids which act selectively and more gently than estrogen. Because of this, isoflavonoids are safe and in contrast to hormone replacement therapy don’t increase risk of developing breast or genital cancer.3,6

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Dodatkowe informacje


1 tablet daily.

Rekomendowane długotrwałe stosowanie. Pierwsze efekty stosowania są widoczne po 3–6 tygodniach stosowania Promensil®.

Directions for use

Tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water.

Ingredients: standardized extract of red clover Trifolium pratense contains iso fl awonoidy (daidzein, genistein, biochanin A and formononetin); binder: dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose; carrier: silicon dioxide; antioxidant: alpha-tocopherol; capsule shell ingredients: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, iron oxide.

Promensil Forte ® does not contain yeast, milk proteins, wheat, corn starch, gluten and flavor.


Important information:

Dietery Food for Special dical Purpose. Product should be taken under the medical supervision. Product is not intended for parenteral use. Product is intended for infants and children. Food supplements should not replace a balance and varied diet and healthy lifistyle. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to any component of the product. Not suitable for breast feeding and pregnant women. Daily dose of the substance can not be achieved only by modification of the normal diet.

What to do if daily dose is missed?

Next day normal dose should be administrated without taking extra dose.

What to do if daily dose is missed?

Menopause (climacteric) is a natural stage of the sexual cycle of women. Nowdays the female hormones – estrogens – is decreasing. These changes cause mental and physical complaints and have a negative impact on the women’s health.

Why women use Promensil® around the World®?

Promensil® is clinically approved

Promensil is the most extensively studied menopause supplement which you can trust. Efficacy of isoflavones depends on concentration and origin. Efficacy of Promensil® has been approved by more than 1.5 thousand women in numerous clinical trials. Non of the natural products has as highly approved as Promensil®.

Patented formula

Promensil® contains Isoflavones derived from European crops, GMO-free. Only selected seeds are used for production which meet stringent quality standards. Therefore, each tablet is full-fledged with the same set of bioactive isoflavones.

The highest dose of isoflavones

In Polish market Promensil® contains the highest dose of isoflavones from red clover: 40 mg per tablet in Promensil® or 80 mg per tablet in Promensil® Forte. This ensures maximum effectiveness. In addition, the tablet size is small and Elasy to swallow because of unique technology.

Better source of isoflavones

Promensil® contains bioactive isoflavones which derived from red clover (Trifolium pratense), the plant which is one of the richest source of 4 major isoflavones. Soy contains only 2 isoflavones. Red clover is better  tolerated by Europeans than soy and cause less allergic reactions.


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