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SOLbaby ASPIRATOR 3w1 contains:

  • nasal aspirator
  • 2 extra soft replaceable tips
  • sea water SOLbaby WODA MORSKA, 20 ml
  • practical case

Brings relief in colds, sinusitis and diseases, which are accompanied by the formation of mucus.

Nasal congestion causes discomfort in infants. It causes difficulties in breathing, sleeping and lactation. Nasal aspirator allows to remove  excessive amounts of mucus, which provides normal breathing and gives a sense of relief.

SOLbaby ASPIRATOR is a medical device designed for safe removal of secretions and mucus from the baby’s nose by gentle suction. Each set contains absorbing filter that stops mucus. This provides efficiency and hygiene of the process. Replaceable tip is for one-time use. After each use, it should be removed to prevent additional infections. SOLbaby ASPIRATOR may be used only with original tips SOLbaby KOŃCÓWKI DO ASPIRATORA. Before using the aspirator it is recommended to clean the nostrils with seawater included. This increases fluidity of mucus and facilitates its removal.

Additional one-time use extra soft tips are available in packs of 10 pieces. Each tip contains absorbing filter, which provides excellent hygiene. SOLbaby WODA MORSKA is also available in a separate package.


Dodatkowe informacje

Method of application:

  1. Place thechild in thesupine positionona comfortableandsafe surface.
  2. Connectremovabletipwith aspirator.
  3. Put narrower side of a tip into the child’s nostril. Using a mouthpiece with a flexible tube gently suck out the mucus. Absorbing filter stops secretions thus preventing them from entering the tube and further into the mouth. Repeat for the other nostril using the same tip.
  4. Disconnect tip from the aspiratortipand discard it.

In order to reduce density of the nose secretions, you may use saline solution (SOLbaby WODA MORSKA).

Product information, please contact: Sequoia Sp. z o.o

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